Custom design services

We can design custom hardware and software solutions for a customer’s individual needs, ranging from adaptation of our standard products through to completely new product design.

AWCSL have the in house experience and skills to provide modification and special customisation of their existing product range should it be needed and have many instances of where this has been carried out to meet with a customer specific requirement, such as converting the DRC-1s to an E&M interface unit for a Military customer and the addition of special software enhancements on the TRICX for an Airport system and for a Nuclear power station.

AWCSL products can be found
supporting many business sectors..

These include airports, construction, utilities, healthcare, mining, oil and gas platforms, refineries, rail, roads, public safety, military, campuses, taxis and estate facilities.

Custom solutions for the Military, Rail and Fire Services

We have also developed bespoke one off solutions for customers who have had a specific requirement that could not be met by a commercially off the shelf product, these have included specialised dispatch consoles and DSP processing software for a military user as well as a special interface for a rail customer who needed to integrate a nonstandard radio system into their control solution.

We also developed a paging site control system for a Fire service who could use a National Paging network to then enable fire ground repeaters at pre-arranged venues, set the working channel and enable talk through all by the sending of a paging message.
Supported market sectors