Triplicator Integrated Communications Switch (TRICX)

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    The TRICX is based around a 1u rack mounted, enterprise class server.
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    Operator consoles can be in the form of a PC based application (TRC-ops) or a desktop controller (DRC-ip).

The TRICX is a multiple operator and multiple radio control system using packet switching technology over IP links to achieve the required communication paths. This has several major advantages over a circuit switched solution, such as the ability to remotely site the operators away from the main switch, increasing reliability and high levels of resilience and a convergence of communications technology. The system has been designed to offer high levels of redundancy or no single point of failure options.

The TRICX is based around a 1u rack mounted, enterprise class server which controls the routing of audio and control packets between the operators, radio interfaces and telephone gateways. The TRICX uses VoIP and RoIP technology to ensure maximum flexibility of the complete system, with the facility to have multiple hot standby servers should a high level of resilience be required. Telephony connections are through industry standard SIP interfaces which can integrate with many types of telephone systems worldwide.


The operator interface for the TRICX system is a PC based package running on the operator’s PC under a Windows environment. The screen layout is configurable so that the best layout for each individual application can be achieved easily. Users can log onto the system at several different levels; each level showing the appropriate screen controls for that level.

The radio to IP interface is achieved by using our already proven TRip IP radio interface.
Full selective calling capabilities are supported by the TRICX. These include a call stack, emergency call and call alert tones. The system also supports TETRA PEI signalling, MAP27 for MPT systems, telephony interconnect, automatic telephone/radio routing, M80 signalling and tone remote signalling. The system can use DMR AIS to connect to TII and TIII systems.

Audio recording facilities are provided via an IP connection to external recording devices. This audio recording can be taken from several different audio paths within the TRICX system. Similarly, local recording and play back is available from the TRC-Ops operator unit. Audio play back is presented via the handset, headset or loudspeaker.


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