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Configuration for DRC-1s and DRC-2s. This is only compatible with the 2013 or later version of the DRC-1s and DRC-2s

  • - Supports Windows XP or later.
  • - Requires .net framework 3.5

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See also our FAQ section
Configuration utility for TRip Signalling modules.

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TRip Config 2

This software is not compatible with TRip-3 units which have USB port. If you wish to use a GUI for TRip 3 units there is a web config page built in to the unit. To get to this GUI, open a web browser to the IP address of the TRIp unit.

This software will no longer be receiving any updates or support.

  • - Visual configuration of TRip units
  • - Configure TRip units anywhere over a LAN/Internet
  • - Save configuration of TRip units to a file (for backup/restoration of TRip settings)
  • - For PCs running Windows XP to Windows Vista
  • - Requires .net framework 2.0

This version is compatible with TRip and TRip-2 units.

  Download Installer (.zip file)

  TRipConfig2 user manual

See also our FAQ section

Software package for designing screen layouts for DRC-Ops and TRC-Ops PC based operator consoles. This software requires a security dongle. Without one, the designer will run for 10 minutes in demonstration mode, meaning no screen layouts can be saved. For purchasing information please contact us.

This installer is for both versions of the operator software. Use the tick list when installing to choose which to install. DRC-Ops - DS-32 version. Requires Windows XP, Vista or 7 PC with serial port. Without a security dongle, this software will function in demonstration mode. TRC-Ops - TRICX version. Supports Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10.


Simply and securely connect us with devices all over the world without the need for a VPN.


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