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AWCSL celebrates 25 years of control room innovation

From humble beginnings in February 1991, when a common headset switching module was designed and manufactured in a domestic garage, A.W. Communications has progressed over the past 25 years to now having a complete suite of desktop and screen based communication control solutions.

In the early years, common headset switching was a requirement in many emergency service control rooms and these products enabled steady growth for the company. At the start of the 21st Century, these products were later supplemented with a desktop analogue radio communications controller (the DRC-1) which went on to spawn a whole series of analogue control solutions.

In 2005 the Trip was launched, this was the world’s first specifically designed PMR to IP gateway and this product received peer recognition in the form of the FCS Gerald David award for innovation in 2006. The Trip was then used as a start for the development of the TRICX IP based communications switch, moving control systems away from dedicated hardware and racks of equipment to software based solutions. The development of additional features on to the TRICX then followed and included integration with TETRA and DMR systems including Tier3. From the manufacture and supply of their own products, AWCSL is now also designing and manufacturing products for clients. Providing full software and hardware design facilities along with surface mount manufacturing and full test facilities.

Here’s to hoping that the next 25 Years will provide as exciting and that AWCSL will continue to grow and provide innovative solutions to the radio communications industry.



AWCSL Exhibit at FCS Business Radio 2015

AWCSL took the opportunity to unveil their new exhibition stand and promotional items at the FCS Business radio 2015 event held at Chateau Impney near Droitwich. On display were many of AWCSL’s products including the TRICX, TRACX, DRC-ip and DDC. The event was well attended with the stand receiving interest from a considerable number of visitors. Staff were on hand to answer any technical and commercial queries that arose throughout the day.


AWCSL Launch new web site

Following on from the updated exhibition stand which was well received at Business Radio 2015, AWCSL have produced an updated web site to promote their products and services. The site is being made available from early December 2015 and along with providing more details on products, market sectors and custom designs, it will still retain the links to product documentation, brochures and manuals as well as providing a portal for support.


Special winter promotion

Being located in the north of the UK, AWCSL are fully aware of the problems associated with winter weather, therefore for December and January every shipment from AWCSL will include a free ice scraper to ensure that you never get stuck with a frozen windscreen on your vehicle.