AW Communication Systems Ltd. stock and manufacture a range of accessories to complement our control solutions. For more information on any of these products, please contact us.

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Desk Microphone

Desk mic with integrated push-to-talk key for use with AWCSL radio controllers.

Audio Hybrid

Converts the 4-wire line output of AWCSL controllers to 2-wire for installations where only 2-wire circuits are available.


Headset for use with AWCSL radio controllers (adaptor required for DRC-1s); available with single or dual earpieces.

TRip Signalling Module

Give the TRip unit facilities for 5 tone encode and decode, FFSK, M80 signalling, Motorola TRC signalling and vox detection. Available for use on a TRICX system.

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For more information on any of these accessory products, or if you have a custom requirement please contact us.

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We can design custom hardware and software solutions for a customer’s individual needs, ranging from adaptation of our standard products through to completely new product design.

We have developed analogue solutions, as well as fully IP based communications control solutions, including standalone IP to audio converters and full scale IP communications switch systems which integrate radio and telephony.