PMR IP Gateway Unit (TRip)

The TRip is a purpose built device designed specifically for the PMR system suppliers and PAMR Trunk Radio operators or service providers. Using data and voice convergence technology, the TRip replaces the permanent leased private circuit with a connection over either an internal IP network or the internet using voice over IP (VOIP) protocols.

The TRip provides the client with a virtual four wire 600 Ohm circuit and RS232 connection between any two locations with an IP connection.

The audio interface provided by the TRip will take a four wire 600Ohm audio path, which has a bandwidth between 300Hz and 3400Hz. This is then converted to digital signalling using its internal codecs.

Each TRip unit will provide a remote terminal server capability through its remote RS232 port. This will provide a direct RS232 path across the IP network. The connection between two units will be on a point-to-point basis, thus being completely transparent.


The main advantage of the TRip is the considerable saving to be made from not using expensive, leased private circuits. As the connection between two TRip units is virtual, the IP infrastructure will automatically find the best possible route.

Continuous checking of the connection status gives an instant alarm should there be a failure in any part of the system. Once an alarm has occurred, the TRip can be programmed to automatically send an email to a designated email address, indicating that a fault has occurred and the nature of the fault.

For security of the virtual connection, a remote TRip Gateway will only allow a connection from addresses set in in either its main or back up IP address configuration parameters.

In common with all AWCSL products the TRip is fully user programmable, locally via the configuration port or remotely using a Telnet connection or a browser interface.

To facilitate rack mounting a 3u shelf, which can accommodate up to 16 TRip units, is available. The TRip is also available with an integral signalling module, giving the system designer the option of decoding over the air signalling at the base station and relaying the messages over the IP link as a virtual serial connection.

To provide remote control of legacy radio equipment, the TRip unit has been designed to function with all existing AWCSL Desktop Remote Controllers and Switch Systems.


TRip Brochure

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TRip Technical Manual

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