Audio Interface Unit (TRICX-AIU)


The TRICX-AIU is an audio interface unit designed to work with IP based switching systems such as the AWCSL TRICX.

The unit links to the host PC via a single USB connector and over this link provides all the necessary signalling, enabling the AIU to offer multiple audio inputs and outputs, each switched by the appropriate push to talk input to the unit. As well as auxiliary, desk microphone and dual headset inputs, the AIU also offers a dual loudspeaker output offering the user separate monitor and select loudspeaker options.


The unit has been designed to be desk mounted and, being of a sturdy construction, can easily be mounted below the user’s PC monitor. Operator headset connections are located on the front of the unit for ease of access, whilst permanent connections are located on the rear panel of the unit.

If handset operation is required, headset port 2 can be configured to act as a PTT handset connector allowing our standard handset to be connected.

Also available on the front of the unit are LED indicators showing the units state and also indications for incoming receive and outgoing transmit. There is a separate transmit indicator for each headset connection.

The unit can be powered from a 12 volt supply or by its USB connector.

The TRICX-AIU is compatible with Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 operating systems.


TRICX-AIU Brochure

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AWCSL Company Overview

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