PC Based Operator Software (TRC-OPS)


This extremely versatile software application has been designed to complement our range of control system products. This is a Windows based program that is simple to configure and easy to use.

Clear and precise indicators can be user configured, allowing complex dispatching tasks to be undertaken with ease. The display is clutter free, with only the frequently used commands visible at all times. Multiple pages can be hidden and only called upon when needed. Additional facilities are available from drop down menus and programmable feature buttons.

There are multiple levels of user access which are password protected. Individual users can have their own screen layout. Screen layouts are stored in the central server. Access to that layout can be gained from any operator position on the TRICX system.

The screen layout can be tailored to each individual user with many different buttons, indicators and functions being made available to the screen designer.

To manage complex selective calling functions, the operator has an incoming call stack from which the required call can be selected and moved into the action line to call the required subscriber. Any incoming alarm calls are automatically moved to the top of the stack, with a different colour to routine calls, and an optional external audible alert is sounded. When a subscriber is selected from the stack, from the fleet list or from any identity entered manually into the action line, the appropriate radio channel can be automatically selected by the system.


Conventional, Selcall, TETRA, DMR, MPT and iDen radio protocols supported.

Extensive user customisation is available with supervisor access. The inherent flexibility with the software permits the supervisor to create text labels for all of the system elements including channels, users, status messages and some of the action buttons on the screen.

The full screen can be designed by the systems integrator using a software package available from AWCSL, allowing integrators to provide “bespoke” solutions to their clients.

The software has been designed to be language independent, with all of the user interface text capable of being produced in any language by the comprehensive use of language tables.This allows different users to log onto the system, each with their own preferred language.

TRC-ops can be configured to use the host PC’s sound card but for professional solutions, we recommend the use of the TRICX – Audio Interface Unit which links to the software through the PC USB port and provides multiple audio interfaces and facilities. See our separate TRICX-AIU by clicking (HERE)

Through the TRICX system the operator can have access to multiple types of telephone connection, from hot phones to standard telephone extensions and also multiple line systems, with CLI information displayed if required. An instant recall recorder is built into the software allowing a user to replay his previous conversations; the duration of the replay period can be set to suit individual requirements. Many other features and facilities are also available from the library of customised solutions and unique customer specific requirements can be implemented. Audio play back is presented via the handset, headset or loudspeaker.


TRC-OPS Brochure

Document is available in a PDF format. Download file size is 2Mb.

TRC-OPS Technical Manual

Document is available in a PDF format. Download file size is 2Mb.

AWCSL Company Overview

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