Base Station Control Unit (TC-1)


This compact and flexible unit extends complete remote control of any system base station to existing control room systems or alternatively to any one of the companion controller products available from AWCSL. Similarly, the TC-1 can be deployed with a remote fixed mobile to provide Reverse Frequency Trigger operation.

The TC-1 Control Unit can control base stations from all the leading manufacturers. This is achieved from the user selectable line control protocols.

To control the base station, the TC-1 can be user programmed for 300 baud FSK signalling, Tone Remote signalling or proprietary FFSK line signalling. This would require the deployment of a compatible Desktop Control Unit or DS-32 Switch available from AWCSL.

Front panel indicators provide clear status conditions of the connected base station including Transmit, Receive, Talkthrough and other facilities.

This feature allows parallel connected operator units to hear outgoing transmit audio from one another as well as incoming receive audio. This facility is also user selectable. Most base stations provide a nominal 12volt dc output via the facility connector. Should power not be available from the base station of choice, a separate 12 volt DC power supply unit is available.


In common with all AWCSL products the TC-1 is fully user programmable. Located on the rear panel of the device are two banks of 8 dip switches. These switches facilitate the operating conditions of the TC-1 and can be pre-set at the manufacturing stage or during installation.

To facilitate simple and convenient rack mounting, a version of the TC-1 is available as a 1U panel mount variant. For systems employing best received signals from multiple receiver sources, the TC-1 unit has the option for stepped tone receiver voting capability. This is provided by the addition of a daughter board.


TC-1 Brochure

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TC-1 Technical Manual

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AWCSL Company Overview

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