Single Channel Desktop Radio Control Unit (DRC-1)


The DRC-1 is a powerful and unique communications controller, which can control base stations from the leading manufacturers. This is achieved with the user selectable, line control protocols. Similarly, both standard and unique selective calling formats can be user defined, meaning the DRC-1 can accommodate customer specific requirements with the minimum of effort.

The DRC-1 control unit is housed within an ergonomically designed, compact and robust case with a 37 button keypad, a 2 x 20 character LCD. It is complete with a telephone-style handset and external power supply unit.

The DRC-1 has full selective calling capability, including a call stack and emergency calls, with user selectable tone formats and call alert tones. It supports common headset working for taking radio and telephone calls, as well as having the ability to interconnect these calls. To control the base station the DRC-1 can be user programmed for direct DC connection for local control, 300 baud FSK signalling, Tone Remote or proprietary FFSK line signalling (this would require the TC-1 Base Station Control Unit also available from AWCSL).


User customised options include the facility for alpha tagging of radio channels, selective call addresses and status messages. Each alpha tag comprises 8 characters and the DRC-1 supports 256 channel tags, 10,000 identity tags and 1,000 status messages.

Each DRC-1 is operated with single keystrokes via the unit keypad or alternatively, by using a nested menu facility. In addition to these intuitive operator functions the user has the option to assign a number of buttons to frequently used facilities, giving the user rapid access to common system procedures.

For busier control rooms a PC based front end is available for the DRC-1. This is a Windows application that provides a graphical representation of the controller facilities and provides more detailed call information than the control unit’s built in LCD.

In common with all AWCSL producs, the DRC-1 with its inherent flexibility can be used as a stand alone desk top dispatch controller. Similarly, it can be used in the more complex switch based control room applications by connection to the DS-32 switch equipment. This unique design concept ensures that the family of control equipment from AWCSL is flexible and the least expensive solution available today.

DRC-1 and DRC-32 are essentially the same hardware platform but with different configuration.

A range of operator options are available with the DRC-1 including operator instruments and accessories. The controller can be supplied with a desk microphone as an alternative to the headset or handset. A footswitch can also be used in conjunciton with the alternative operator instruments.


DRC-1 Brochure

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DRC-1 Technical Manual

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