PC Interface Radio Controller (DRC-U)


The DRC-U is a desktop radio controller based on the same hardware as our DRC-1 and DRC-32 radio controllers. It is designed as a cost-effective interface for PC-based control applications, such as graphical dispatcher/control software, for situations where a telephone-style controller is not required.

Control of the unit is completely via the RS232 PC interface. Because it is based on the same hardware as the DRC-1/32, it retains the same powerful functionality of these controllers. The free software configuration toolbox allows the DRC-U to be easily configured, as either a single channel radio controller or an operator position in a DS-32 or DS-Micro switch based radio system.

The DRC-U controller is contained in a robust, modern metal case which is ideal as a monitor stand. Alternatively, because no controls are provided on the unit itself, it can also be hidden in environments where desk space is at a premium.

When configured as a stand-alone controller, the DRC-U has full selective calling capability with user selectable tone formats and call alert tones. It supports common headset working for taking radio and telephone calls, as well as having the ability to interconnect these calls.


To control a base station, the DRC-U can be user programmed for direct DC connection for local control, 300 baud FSK signalling, Tone Remote or proprietary FFSK line signalling (this would require the TC-1 Base Station Control Unit also available from AWCSL).

In common with all AWCSL products, the DRC- U is designed with flexibility in mind. A single channel stand-alone system can easily be implemented without any need to replace existing hardware. Because the DRC-U is based on the same hardware as the DRC-1, an upgrade kit to convert the DRC-U into a full controller is available. This unique design concept ensures that the family of control equipment from AWCSL is a flexible and highly cost-effective solution.

A range of operator options are available with the DRC-U, including operator instruments and accessories. The controller can be supplied with a desk microphone as an alternative to the headset.

A footswitch can also be used in conjunction with the alternative operator instruments and the facility to connect an external loudspeaker is provided.

For non-switched multiple operator systems, the DRC-U can be connected in parallel with up to three other DRC-U or DRC-1 desktop controllers. To ensure maximum efficiency, the base station should be equipped with the TC-1 control unit enabled for both way monitor. This will allow parallel operators to monitor outgoing audio from other operators.

Included with the standard features of the DRC-U is a local tape record output port. This facility is designed for an instant record and play back device, with play back available from either a headset or via an external loudspeaker. Both radio and telephone audio are presented to the tape port.


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