IP Based Desktop Radio Control Unit (DRC-ip)


Based on a Linux operating system, the DRC-ip is a powerful and unique communications controller. It can control base stations from all the leading manufacturers using conventional four wire analogue technology, as well as providing IP control of suitably equipped base stations using Ethernet.

The DRC-ip control unit is housed within an ergonomically designed, compact and robust case with a vertically mounted 7 inch LCD touch screen. It is complete with a telephone style handset and external power supply unit.

The unit will also act as a desktop controller to the AWCSL TRICX IP based communications switch. All of the features are only possible with the DSP technology employed within the DRC-ip, which can accommodate customer specific requirements with the minimum of disruption.

The DRC-IP has the capability to access up to five IP connected radio base stations, as well as a conventional line connected base station. The DRCip controller is ideally placed for connecting to modern digital communications systems such as TETRA and DMR, as well as to analogue systems.

The DRC-ip can also have DMR AIS connectivity for Simoco, Fylde, Hytera, Sepura TII and TIII systems using direct IP connectivity. Using the RS232 connection, the DRC-ip can interface to equipment using serial protocols such as PEI, MAP27, Nexedge etc. Please contact AWCSL for availability.


Full selective calling capability is available including a call stack, emergency calls with user selectable tone formats and call alert tones.

The DRC-ip supports common headset working for taking radio and telephone calls, with the ability to interconnect these calls. To control analogue base stations the DRC-ip can be user programmed for direct DC connection for local control, 300 baud FSK signalling, Tone Remote or proprietary FFSK line signalling.

User customised operation includes the facility for alpha tagging of radio channels, radio identities and status messages. The DRC-ip supports 256 channel tags, 10,000 identity tags and 1,000 status messages.

The 7inch LCD touch screen dramatically improved the usability of desktop controllers. It ensures that the keys needed for a specific task are presented in an intuitive way. Keys can be configured as static or dynamic, ensuring the user always has access to specific functions. Several hard buttons are available for common functions such as Push To Talk.

In common with all AWCSL products the DRC-ip, with its inherent flexibility, can be used as a stand alone desk top dispatch controller. Similarly, it can be used in the more complex switched based control room applications by connection to the TRICX switch equipment. This unique design concept ensures that the family of control equipment from AWCSL is flexible and the most cost effective solution available today.


DRC-ip Brochure

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DRC-ip Technical Manual

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AWCSL Company Overview

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